PARTNERS brings natural and social scientists together to address the complexity of socio-ecological processes that shape tropical reforestation. We are anthropologists, economists, forest ecologists, foresters, geographers, landscape ecologists, political scientists, and sociologists from around the world who share a deep interest in forest regrowth in the tropics. We consider reforestation in a broad sense, encompassing natural regeneration, silvopastoral and agroforestry systems, ecological restoration plantings, commercial tree plantations, and smallholder plantations.

The 20th century was a period of unprecedented deforestation in the world’s tropical regions. Deforestation rates are now slowly declining due to increasing rates of reforestation, spontaneous natural forest regeneration, changing forest conservation and management policies, and rural to urban migration.

New types of forest cover are emerging from a complex interaction between land-use histories, landscape features, climate variability, and socio-economic factors that operate from local to global scales.

PARTNERS will synthesize existing knowledge, identify knowledge gaps, identify new directions for interdisciplinary research, and prepare peer-reviewed documents for educators and policy makers. [More...]

PARTNERS is a Research Coordination Network funded by the U. S. National Science Foundation, Coupled Natural and Human Systems Program

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